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Work gloves play a vital role in the workplace and can prevent accidents as well as protecting the delicate skin of the individual. There are some types of occupation where the wearing of gloves is entirely necessary to protect the hand from injury, heat or abrasive chemicals; in other workplaces gloves are worn in order to stop contamination, passing of bacteria or to simply protect the sensitive skin on the hands.

Due to tough health and safety regulations in place in the workplace these days, it is not only important that gloves are supplied to the workers, but that the correct type of glove is used. For example, when working with hazardous chemicals, the hands need to be protected as any contact with the skin could cause severe discomfort, burning or permanent dis-figuration. Below are some of the different types of protection for the hands that are available and the different applications they are commonly used for.

Work gloves will only give sufficient protection to the individual if the correct size as well as material is used, and it is of the utmost importance that gloves in the workplace are checked for tears or leaks regularly and replaced when necessary. Depending on the type of job that you do, you may be at risk from chemical or thermal burns, electric currents, or even risk of cold, so choosing the correct glove for the job is very important.

A simple cloth or cotton glove may be worn to protect the hands from rough surfaces, wood splinters and also from a degree of temperatures. Cotton gloves will be seen to be used by workers who need a lower level of protection of their hands and want to ensure their hands stay clean at all times. One place where you will commonly see cotton gloves in use is in gardens where the individual requires protection from the dirt of soil as well as prickles, brambles and stings from plants and foliage.

For added protection a worker may wear leather gloves. This type of hand wear will protect against sharp edges, sparks from machinery, chips, and ragged edges. This type of glove will often be used by someone with a manual job such as in a warehouse where the stacking of various sized and shaped objects is required. Although leather will protect from sparks, a higher form of protection is generally required for use with machinery.

A metal mesh work glove will protect the worker from cutting his hands on sharp blades or machinery, a Kevlar cloth often being preferred when a supple yet protective barrier is required. When using machinery, the hands need to be protected from sheets of metal or glass or other materials, yet a grip is required to prevent accident from dropping materials, mesh gloves giving the all round protection required.

Rubber work gloves are used in a few different situations, depending on the strength of the protection. A thin latex glove is used by a surgeon in order to prevent contamination of bacteria and germs; in this instance the material of the glove needs to be strong enough to protect against rips and tears, yet thin enough to allow for precision movement. Thicker rubber gloves on the other hand are commonly used by electricians as they will stop shock by electric current, allowing them to work on electrical equipment without any unnecessary danger.

For protection from hazardous chemicals and other dangerous substances, impervious work gloves are required. These gloves can be made of vinyl, latex, PVC or neoprene and the thickness of the glove and the material used will depend on the level of protection required. Extremely strong and hazardous chemicals can dissolve thin work gloves and cause irreparable damage to the skin, so choosing the very best material and quality of glove is of extreme importance.

Lastly, gloves worn for protection against extremes of heat and flame are known as aluminized work gloves. These will be used by workers who handle equipment at extremes of temperatures as well as naked flames. This type of protection is necessary for people who work with furnaces or smelters, who need the highest grade of heat and flame protection.

Work gloves can therefore be categorized as chemical resistant, abrasion protective, heat protective, cold protective, puncture protective or general purpose. All types of glove used in the work place are used to protect the delicate hands and skin and to abide with strict health and safety regulations, your gloves must be worn at all times.