Knit Gloves

Knit work gloves are highly versatile. Comfort is their main feature since they are generally made of snug, high performance yarn or a mixture of light materials that allows for better hand function while protecting them from hazards. Knit utility gloves are ideal for a wide range of uses, from general use to more specific applications that require precision, accuracy in handling and at the same time, protection from hazards. In addition, they keep the hands warm in cold weather. The soft, warm material makes them ideal glove liners that can be used to enhance comfort in other larger gloves made of tougher material.

Knit gloves that are used for specialized tasks combine several features to enhance their protective qualities, durability and performance. For example, some manufacturers incorporate different high performance materials on the gloves to make them resistant to cuts and abrasions, chemicals and heat among other hazards. The gloves are used in a range of industries including bottling and package handling, building and construction, food processing, warehousing, parts assembly, gardening, maintenance and general work and many other uses.

Generally, most knit gloves available in the market are made of lightweight, absorbent and breathable material such as cotton for users’ comfort. Other commonly used materials include wool, nylon and polyester. Some gloves are made of blended materials. Mixing the fibers helps to reduce irritation on the skin from some materials such as wool.

The stretchy, lightweight material and construction helps to improve breathability of the gloves, strength, durability, performance and fitting. Gloves made of light material feel like a second skin that fits snugly. This is important for preventing hand fatigue. Typically, the gloves are machine-knit without seams that may interfere with dexterity. Because knit gloves are mostly made of yarn, cuffs are fitted on the wrists to prevent the yarn from unraveling, therefore improving durability.

Features and Uses
Most of the available knit gloves have distinct features that make them suited to different applications. When shopping for general use knit gloves that provide a high level of protection for your hands while allowing for dexterity, a pair made from a blend of cotton and polyester is a good choice. The gloves are made of tightly woven fibers that conform to the form of your hands comfortably. This is a useful feature because it makes handling of smaller objects easy. The elastic wrists allow for a better fit, too. These gloves are also ideal for use as liners to warm the hands when using other types of gloves.

Knit gloves that come with a PVC coating help to improve the grip on objects. This feature makes these gloves ideal for working safely with slippery objects or objects covered with oil, liquids and other slippery substances.

The coating, which incorporates an injection-molded technology, improves grip while absorbing vibrations. Reducing the vibrations helps to protect the hands from the potentially harmful exposure to unsafe levels of vibrations. These gloves are good value for money as well because they allow you to use both sides (ambidextrous fit) before replacement. Some gloves include a thermo-acrylic knit to keep the hands warm during cold weather. These machine washable gloves are suited to automotive applications, warehousing and parts assembly among others.

Other knit gloves are coated with a natural rubber coating that is also textured for maximum protection against chemicals, cuts and abrasions, durability and grip. The gloves have a shelling made of cotton and polyester that allows air circulation in the hands to cool the hands and keep them dry, fit snugly and reduce hand fatigue. The rubber coating covers both the palm and other areas up to the finger tips.

For excellent dexterity, choose gloves with a latex coating and a thin layer of acrylic that provides insulation to hands during cold conditions. The latex coating on these gloves gives them superior grip and resistance from cuts and abrasions. This type of knit gloves is designed to conform perfectly to the curvature of your hands for maximum dexterity. In addition, the gloves provide excellent grip on both hot and cold objects. Gloves with a protective coating that comply with ANSI standards for cut protection have passed the rigorous testing to prove that they can provide superior protection from cuts, punctures and abrasions, heat and other hazards.