Arc Flash Gloves

The arc flash is triggered by an electric arc, which causes a blast of energy that can be extremely dangerous and cause extensive injuries – this is where arc flash gloves step in and offer extra protection against the arc flash. The problem is that arc flashes generate extreme heat which can melt everything in its way – a spark or the wear and tear of the conductive insulation are enough to trigger an arc flash that can be fatal. These flashes happen fast and without any notice, this is why it is better to prevent than to treat.

Arc flash gloves are part of the personal protection gear and they lower the risk for accidental injuries. These are protective garments that are mainly used by electrical workers to protect their hands against electricity, cuts, abrasions and punctures. When it comes to the material used to manufacture arc flash gloves, it must be mentioned that leather and robber insulating gloves are the most popular, as they offer enhanced protection against arc flash.

The initial arc flash can trigger a series of burns to the hand and body – this is why the gloves are made from high-quality materials that are highly resistant due to the fire-resistant carbon threads. They protect your hands against episodes of extreme heat, fire, flames as well as concussions – this is possible thanks to the thermal insulation materials inside the glove.

There are four different glove classes, from 00 to 2, where 00 arc flash gloves are used mainly in low voltage situations (and they provide low protection, of no more than 500 v) and class 2 gloves that are used in extremely high voltage situations, and they can offer protection against up to 17,500 V. All the arc flash gloves are fully compliant with the safety rules and regulations, they provide enough dexterity so that the worker can do his task undisturbed, they are highly resistant to abrasions and tearing and they can face a wide range of electrical hazards, from the least dangerous ones to the potentially fatal hazards.

In addition to offering great protection against arc flash, the arc flash gloves are also designed to minimize hand fatigue as well as chafing. Hand fatigue can occur if the worker is not wearing the correct glove size, or if he has been wearing the gloves for an extended period of time. Moreover, some gloves can have fabric liners or thermal liners, to ensure optimal temperature inside the glove. The gloves are available in different sizes that range from extra small to extra large, and choosing the correct size is essential for the best results.

These gloves are used in heavy duty industries, like metal stamping, product manufacturing, welding or the automotive industry. Electrical workers also benefit from these gloves, as electric utilities pose an extreme risk of arc flashes. The welding industry deals with arching electricity on a constant basis, and these gloves are of utmost importance in the industry. On the other hand, workers who cast aluminum can also benefit from this type of gloves, as there is a very hazardous atmosphere and arc flashes can be triggered at any time.