Canvas Gloves

Canvas gloves are made from cotton or jersey fabrics that provide warmth, comfort, durability and increased absorbency. Moreover, cotton canvas gloves also offer exceptional sensitivity and dexterity, and they do not face any shrinkage when washed. These are basically general purpose gloves that provide light protection against injuries, and sometimes the manufacturers can add rubber or polyurethane inserts for extra protection against punctures and cuts – these inserts also aim to ensure better grip, and they do not affect the weight of the canvas gloves (which are known for being very lightweight).

Cotton canvas gloves are very versatile and they stand out from the other light duty gloves by providing increased sensitivity – they come in different textures and styles and they are widely used in factories and manufacturing units. Despite the fact that cotton is gentle, soft and lightweight, cotton canvas gloves are known to be highly durable over the years – moreover, most models are machine washable as well, but this depends on the type of rubber insertion, if any.

Basically, the thumb model varies based on the desired task – for instance, the unsupported thumb model is designed for law mowing as they provide the utmost flexibility of the thumb. On the other hand, supported thumbs are the perfect choice for heavier jobs as they offer enhanced protection and helps your thumb stick out a bit, for a slightly better grip.

Another particularity of the cotton canvas gloves is that they are very easy to wash and to fold up for easy storage. These gloves come with different types of cuffs, every type having a specific purpose: certain types of cuffs are designed to maintain a stable temperature inside the gloves, while other cuffs aim to protect the hand against cinders.

Other cuffs are created to protect your hand and your wrist against debris – this type of cuff is the most popular choice amongst those who work on steel mills. As mentioned above, most canvas gloves come with additional rubber or PVC insertions that provides extra pull to the grip – these insertions usually look like tiny dots that are barely noticeable.

The canvas gloves are not intended for heavy duty tasks! Most gloves come with a convenient band top or knit wrist that prevents dirt from entering the glove, while the woven cotton ensures extra comfort and skin breathability. These globes have different types of thumbs: you can opt for supported or unsupported thumbs, as well as for straight thumbs or the winged model, the latter being very popular nowadays.

Canvas gloves come in different styles and they are suitable for a wide range of applications – they are cost-effective and they provide some hand protection against heat. Nonetheless, it must be mentioned that the gloves are designed solely for light duty applications, like household duties, oil rigging, maintenance services, material handling, yard work, gardening and other tasks that involve minimal abrasions and scrapes. They are great for handling tools and materials, this is why they are commonly used for building sheds.