Cleanroom Gloves

The importance of cleanroom clothing and especially cleanroom gloves cannot be underestimated for those working in the medical and laboratory industries. Cleanroom gloves offer unique protection by way of being chemical resistant to a variety of substances including alcohols and alkalines as well as acids. Typical gloves designed for cleanroom applications are ambidextrous and are normally highly durable and strong, ensuring full protection throughout the day for those wearing these type of gloves in a professional setting. In addition, quality cleanroom type gloves usually offer fingertip areas that are highly sensitive making detailed work easy and effortless. Most gloves in this category will come in a variety of lengths and include a rolled cuff making putting on and taking off these gloves easy to do. The fingertips of cleanroom type gloves are textured to ensure the greatest amount of dexterity for workers. Professionals should expect these gloves to come in a wide range of sizes.

Those in the medical industry that routinely do examinations should expect high quality tactile sensitivity with high levels of dexterity to ensure that each examination is flawless. Other benefits of using cleanroom variety gloves include the fact that these gloves have high tensile strength and are usually lightly powdered. The powder typically used for these gloves is a pure form of cornstarch that is low in magnesium to make putting on and taking off these gloves easy and fast. In addition, these gloves are designed to be comfortable for the wearer throughout the day even for those that wear these gloves for several hours at a time. Cleanroom type gloves can also be manufactured in a powder free type latex version. This particular version of the cleanroom style glove product is equally protective and yet does not have the cornstarch found with other types of similar latex gloves.

It is also important to note that cleanroom gloves or latex gloves in general designed for examinations can be found in a thicker and heavier gauge for examinations that are considered high risk. Medical workers and lab technicians seeking the greatest level of protection for various situations that are considered high risk should consider this version of the cleanroom type glove. Those who work in medical facilities that routinely do high risk examinations should know that this type of cleanroom glove is considerably thicker than standard examination gloves and designed to fit snugly to the wearer’s hands. These gloves are also ambidextrous and designed in such a way that they greatly reduce overall hand fatigue. Regardless of the type of cleanroom gloves being used, one thing is certain and that is that all of these gloves are manufactured of the highest quality materials. These gloves are ideal for increasing levels of safety for a wide range of professionals in the dental industry, medical industry and laboratory industry. Always explore all your options with regard to high quality latex cleanroom gloves.