Cold Weather Gloves

Cold weather gloves are created for those who like to adventure in extremely cold areas, as they provide waterproof and windproof protection along with superior warmth – while some cold weather gloves are warm by default due to their special materials, others have built-in elements that ensure a constant and comfortable temperature.

The cold weather gloves are made from a wide range of materials, including deerskin or goatskin – sometimes, rabbit skin and fur is added for improved protection as well as for aesthetic purposes. The materials must prevent the moisture from entering the glove, yet they must allow the skin to breath at the same time. On the other hand, some gloves contain a mix of textile and leather, for a comfortable feel coupled with the ultimate protection against cold.

Every pair of cold weather gloves is given a certain thermal rating, based on the material’s ability to maintain a stable temperature. Unlike canvas gloves, for instance, which are affordable and designed for light duty tasks, these gloves are for extremely harsh environments and they have increased performance, this is why they usually come with an expensive price tag.

Choosing the right pair of cold weather gloves is not an easy task, as there are countless models available and each pair serves a certain purpose – the degree of cold along with the tasks the individual will have to perform are two of the factors that must be taken into account. If knitted mittens are perfect for going outside during winter, climbing the mountain and facing arctic-cold temperatures require a heavy duty pair of gloves.

These gloves have different layers of materials, and most of them come with a synthetic shell along with PVC dotted palms that ensure a tough and proper grip. Regarding the cold weather gloves applications, these gloves are suitable for winter work, winter sports, outdoor recreation during the cold winter months, construction work in areas with extremely cold climate as well as for those who work in cold storage facilities. The gloves are available in different colors and they come in sizes ranging from S to XXL.

Most cold weather gloves come with foam padding on the palm and on fingers, to provide extra warmth. The gloves are soft and all of them have a certain form of insulation to protect the hands, along with inserts on the knuckles and/or finger joint – the knuckles are articulated for better dexterity. The gloves are highly resistant to tear and abrasion, they can withstand extreme weather conditions and their palms is usually reinforced with a tougher material.

Temperature regulation, adjustability and flexibility are three other essential features for every pair of cold weather gloves – most of them come with an adjustable cuff strap and a tightening strap, to ensure perfect fit. It often happens that the gloves come with an elastic or soft insert as well. These gloves are designed for heavy duty conditions and they have an universal anatomic design that provides a natural feel.