Heat Resistant Gloves

Heat resistant gloves are made using high-quality raw material – the gloves are then chemically treated to give them a fine finish and to prolong their life span, and they can be easily customized to meet the needs of every client. Heat proof gloves offer enhanced protection against heat in critical temperature environments, which are usually common for those who work in the welding or manufacturing industry. Heat resistant gloves are essential in many different fields (especially in the steel manufacturing process), as they protect the hands against severe burns by keeping them cool and comfortable.

When it comes to heat resistant gloves, it must be mentioned that the materials vary greatly – some manufacturers use Kevlar, others use woven fabric or carbon while other manufacturers mix several materials for the best results. There are several different types of heat proof gloves available on the market, and they provide different levels of protection – choosing the most suitable pair of gloves for you depends whether the heat is moist or dry, and if heat exposure is either atmospheric or thermal. Also, some gloves are designed to face direct flames (these gloves are commonly used by firefighters).

Types Of Gloves
Low heat proof gloves are durable and provide minimal protection against heat and abrasions – they are perfect insulators and they usually come with reinforced thumb, index finger and palm for the best protection. Generally speaking, this type of gloves can withstand temperatures of up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

High heat proof gloves offer an enhanced heat protection of 600 degrees Fahrenheit or above, they ensure efficient grip and they provide the best hand protection. On the other hand, fire-resistant gloves are especially designed to withstand open sparks or flames without melting – these gloves are made from top-notch materials and they usually have three or more material layers, for increased protection. They are very durable over the years and they are resistant to cuts and abrasions as well, thus being ideal for handling rough, sharp objects.

The heat resistant gloves provide excellent insulation and they are perfect for handling rough, sharp items. Most gloves can withstand direct flame and they allow the worker to get in direct contact with extremely hot surfaces without melting. Despite their thickness and weight given by the multi-layer protection, these gloves offer high dexterity. The gloves come either in standard or custom formats, their insulation covers can be easily removed and they are made from high temperature-resistant cloths.

These heat resistant gloves usually use a combination of cotton layers (which come in direct contact with the hand) and Kevlar or carbon threads at the exterior of the glove – the fingertips and the knuckles are usually reinforced as well, and so are the cuffs for a secure fit. The palms benefit from added protection against heat as well.

The gloves are highly resistant to tearing, they are non-flammable and they offer enhanced protection against both convective and direct contact heat. They are suitable for thermal and mechanical hazards and they are very comfortable, thus ideal for heavy-duty applications and for maintenance work as well. Generally speaking, the heat resistant gloves come in sizes ranging from extra small to extra large, although some gloves come in universal sizes, as they can easily adjust to the hand of the worker.

In a nutshell, heat resistant gloves are commonly used in environments that involve very high temperature or direct contact with extremely hot items, which means that heat proof gloves can be safely used for industrial applications as well as for household chores (to handle hot dishes). Nonetheless, the gloves for household applications usually withstand less than 350 degrees Fahrenheit and they offer limited protection against high temperatures – they are perfect for opening oven doors or handling hot utensils or cooking trays, changing light bulbs, building a bonfire and such.

On the other hand, heat proof gloves used in the industrial field are ideal for spot welding, utilities, distribution of natural gas, refineries, building turbine engines, dealing with heat reflectors or welding blankets. In addition to this, these glasses are also the perfect choice for those who work in the waste industry, the glass industry or the recycling field where they need the utmost protection against heat coupled with protection against cut, punctures and abrasions.