Knit Work Gloves

There’s a growing demand for knit work gloves as far as safety, dexterity and comfort are concerned. Don’t be surprised if your next gift item includes a pair of all-purpose knit gloves because as far as gloves go, these definitely are the in-thing. Not only do these gloves allow breathing space for your palm making them an absolute comfort to wear, but they also protect your hands from everyday wear and tear including cuts and bruises, and are resistant to both heat and cold.

Knit work gloves have found their way into the hands of construction workers, gardeners, cleaners, movers, factory workers and even the everyday man who enjoys doing a little bit of yard-cleaning every now and then. Their purposes are multifaceted and their applications limited only by the circumstances.

The variety, made and type of knit gloves are limitless. All-purpose as they are, there is a knit glove for every specific job. Some of the items in this variety include fingerless knit gloves for dexterity and precision, dotted knit gloves for anti-slip and better grip. But that’s not all, these gloves come in a wide array of materials including nylon, polyester, PVC dots, cotton, Kevlar, wool, etc.

The fact that this type of gloves are made by interlocking strings of wool, cotton, nylon or other materials, providing small holes, though seemingly seamless, allows breathability unlike most other types of gloves that detach the space around your palm from the outside environment. Consequently, this allow for cool air to seep in during a hot summer day while still retaining your body heat during a cold weather. Also, the seamless arrangement provides comfort and superior flexibility for your fingers making them perfect for any general purpose work application.

Cotton and polyester blends provide added warmth for your hands while working. The fingerless feature allows dexterity for jobs that require high precision and accuracy. The PVC dotted knit gloves, coming in both one-sided and double-sided variants, provide better grip and anti-slip properties making them suitable for warehousing, package handling and applications in automotive assembly and food processing. Such gloves are even used by golfers for the provision of better grip on their clubs and the comfort all knit gloves ensure.

Gloves made of Kevlar and other heavy-duty materials are more resistant to cut, abrasion and puncture, thus making them suitable for more dangerous jobs involving sharp objects or those involving long endurance applications. Couple this with coatings of rubber or PVC dots and you have anti-slip knit work gloves for use in most type of grip work applications including glass handling, window cleaning, waste handling, etc. Polypropylene shells are very heat-resistant and as such gloves made of this material are perfect for a wide range of jobs that involve hot objects.

Knit work gloves have come a long way in a great range of variety, not only in terms of material, but of quality, type, color and sizes. The market is no longer targeted to manual workers alone, but also to housewives and the common man who has to ultimately come back home after the office hours and do a little fixing here and a little fitting there.