Magic Gloves

The importance of keeping our hands warm during the cold season is a practice that is of importance to everyone in the world. Failure to protect your hands can lead to serious health consequences such as muscle problems. In addition to this technology is changing every day and the need to keep yourself update with the changing times is important. As the world grows new things come up that are aimed at making our lives more comfortable. After all necessity is the mother of invention; magic gloves are one such item aimed at making man’s life simpler.

These days devices such as iPhones, iPads or any other type of touch screens are becoming a must have item in the world. Touch sensitive devices are so common worldwide mainly because they are easy to operate. However touchscreen devices require the conductive property of the human body in order to be responsive. This already presents a problem, it means when wearing gloves one is unable to operate their touch sensitive device. This can be very devastating especially in regions that are cold. In order to use the touchscreen you would be forced to remove the protective garment that you are using to protect your hands. Mainly because the normal type of gloves cannot be used on touch sensitive devices.

Due to facts such as these the magic gloves were created. The gloves work in accordance to the science of heat conductivity. The gloves are made with some conductive thread which is sown at the finger tips. The protective thread can be mainly located at the first, thump and middle finger tip of the glove. This therefore enables you to use your touchscreen device with your gloves still on. Magic gloves got their name due to the flexibility property that they have. Magic gloves are made from a type of fiber that is able to “magically” stretch and fit into hands of all sizes comfortably. This means that the user does not have to worry about looking for a pair of gloves that will fit them since one size is able to fit perfectly into most.

The knitting is made in such a way that the glove still feels natural and smooth against the surface of the skin. Enabling the user to text, call and browse using their touch sensitive device with ease and without lowering the devices performance in any way.

The importance of magic gloves does not just end at their ability to be conductive. They are also fashionable, slender and available in a wide range of colors such as black, gray, red, blue and white among others. The gloves are therefore ideal for use in normal outdoor and official activities. In order to be able to keep the hands warm the magic gloves are knitted mainly from a combination of polyester, wool, spandex and nylon. Studies show that these materials are able to act as good insulators. Each of these three materials differ in percentage depending on the manufacturer of the gloves.