Mechanics Gloves

The mechanics gloves are high performance and heavy duty gloves that are designed to be used for automotive, gardening, racing, constructions, home improvement projects and basically any field that required enhanced protection of the hand and fingers. The mechanics gloves protect your hands against cuts, abrasions and extreme temperature, while providing breathable comfort. As a matter of fact, most gloves are flame resistant for additional safety and for preventing burns.

The mechanics gloves are designed to withstand the toughest projects, and they deliver top-notch fit, function and feel. The gloves can be used by craftsmen, car mechanics or those who work in agriculture, as they are sensitive enough to be used for any type of project from dealing with tractors and sheet rock to gardening and construction projects.

The materials used for manufacturing these gloves varies from one manufacturer to another, and based on the glove purpose. Generally speaking, the gloves contain at least 50% natural or synthetic leather that covers the fingers and palms, as leather is amongst the most durable and flexible materials, thus allowing the worker to enjoy increased dexterity.

Moreover, leather is more lightweight compared to other materials – the purpose of the material is not to add extra bulk to the glove, otherwise workers may find these gloves harder to control. Even so, some gloves even come with special Kevlar inserts to prevent hand damage in highly demanding environments – for secure fit, some mechanics gloves come with zipper closure systems.

Mechanics gloves also come with reinforced knuckles and padded palms, not only for increased protection but also for increased durability and comfort. The reinforced knuckles ensure better grip level, which is essential in the racing and automotive industry. Also, gloves for automotive industry come with a special shock absorbing system that protects your hands when strong impacts occur. On the other hand, the reliable insulation inside the glove aims to keep your hands warm and comfortable, while ensuring great grip regardless of the conditions.

Nowadays, mechanics gloves are designed to not only protect your hands, but also to provide comfort and breathability – most gloves come with extended cuff along with fingertip reinforcements for extra strength. These reinforcements are usually made from synthetic leather, and they can be added to the palm as well, in addition to the thumb and the index finger (which usually receive additional reinforcements). The gloves have a concealed interior stitch that aims to prevent snagging, and they also have at least two layers of durable, long-lasting materials.

The gloves are machine washable and some models come with a padded Spandex back, thus making the gloves very comfortable and easy to maintain in the long haul. The mechanics gloves are designed to provide an excellent fit and they are available in a wide range of colors, sizes and stitching materials. When it comes to leather, high-quality goatskin is usually the top choice for most manufacturers as this is type of leather is durable and tough yet gentle and soft to the touch.