Nitrile Coated Gloves

In today’s industrial environment, there are plenty of activities that carry risks which is why the government in most countries has defined certain guidelines that benefit the safety of the workers. Some industrial applications necessitate the use of nitrile coated gloves for its workers as means of safety.

Nitrile coated gloves are a type of disposable glove made from synthetic rubber. The compound Nitrile is a co-polymer and its production process is relatively simple and quite similar to that of rubber production. However unlike rubber, nitrile is a 100% synthetic substance and so, it does not create any sort of allergic reaction on the body and therefore used widely. Although nitrile, the synthetic version of latex lacks the inherent grip and stretch of natural rubber, it is greatly praised for its incomparable strength.

Like natural rubber, Nitrile latex does not contain any latex proteins. Due to this fact, when used in gloves, nitrile rubber provides excellent resistance to tears and punctures, almost 3 times more compared to natural rubber. With regard to chemical resistance, the latex Nitrile can stands up well to oil, thus making it is a good choice for handling small oily parts or metal stamping.

The main features of seamless knit nylon gloves are its good grip and dexterity. Solid nitrile coated fingers and palm usually provide abrasion, superior grip, extremely thin and very durable, breathable back for comfort, cut and snag resistance, great dexterity, tactility and sensitivity. The blue knit gloves hide oil, dirt, and grime quite easily.

There are various types of Nitrile coated gloves available in the market which includes Nitrile palm coated glove, foam Nitrile coated glove, neon Nitrile coated glove, matrix F grip, black Nitrile coated glove, nitro tough Nitrile ¾ coated glove, and fully coated Nitrile glove.

A number of companies use nitrile work gloves for their workers and most of these companies are situated in the cold parts of the world. A nitrile coated glove is particularly meant to save workers from cold weather conditions. Using nitrile coated gloves helps workers to move their hands freely and easily in cold conditions. Also, these gloves give additional protection to their skin from harmful substances like chemicals and oils too. It has other benefits too; nitrile gloves provide better grip to workers when handling other materials or equipment’s.

Nitrile coated gloves withstand grease and oils. The Nitrile coating protects the hand against any skin conditions by preventing oil or grease from penetrating through the gloves. They are ideal for working on automotive parts, as nitrile coating provides a secure and dry grip. These gloves do not easily break down, delaminate or blister like other coating materials in the presence of oils and petroleum liquids. These properties makes, nitrile coated gloves to be used in jobs that require a high degree of sensitivity and dexterity, particularly where grip is important such as general assembly, painting, automotive components, handling small oily parts and components, horticulture, machining, and maintenance.