Powder Free Gloves

It is easy to understand the importance of powder free gloves for individuals dealing with a variety of allergies. The issue of allergies as it relates to powdered gloves is that the powder or cornstarch is often dispersed into the air when a worker puts on or takes off latex gloves. This causes particulates of latex that are attached to powder particles to be dispersed into the air where workers inhale these particulates. In addition, this airborne particulate matter can also be inhale by patients that are being examined or cared for by a medical worker. Either way, airborne particulates of this type can create respiratory issues in people exposed to such airborne hazards.

Other concerns for those using powdered gloves as opposed to powder free gloves is the potential for airborne cornstarch particulates to pick up a variety of unhealthy bacteria. This unhealthy bacteria can be transported into the lungs of patients and medical care providers causing unhealthy conditions to ensue. Along with the respiratory concerns related to powdered gloves, there are concerns that airborne particulates will land in and around open wounds causing irritations and impediments to the normal healing process. Cornstarch is typically used to make the application of latex gloves easier but there are many instances where powder free gloves are far more desirable.

While most forms of cornstarch are inert and non-toxic it is still a medium that can carry undesirable particulates into the lungs and onto the wounds of patients. As more and more people become aware of the health risks involved with using powdered gloves, powder free gloves will continue to gain in popularity among health workers and other people working in industries that require the use of sterile gloves. New technologies have arisen that allow for the efficient manufacturing and development of gloves that are indeed powder free. One of the most common strategies for manufacturing gloves that are power free is known as the chlorination process. This is a process that is highly effective in reducing latex related compounds that are considered unhealthy.

As gloves that are manufactured without powder become more mainstream, a greater number of patients and medical workers will stand to gain from the advantages of using this type of glove. The idea of using powder to make examination gloves easier to apply and remove is quickly giving way to new technologies that make powder free type gloves easier to put on and take off. From surgeons to general medical care providers and dental workers, powder free type gloves are quickly becoming the gloves of choice. As powder free gloves become the new standard for those that work in industries where these types of gloves are used it will likely become far more common to see this kind of glove in use in a variety of medical settings. Improving working conditions for medical workers and improving health conditions for patients is the main idea behind powder free type gloves.