PU Coated Gloves

Do you ever feel the need of high quality protective gloves while working in difficult conditions? The best choice for your problem is polyurethane coated gloves, ideal for demanding, risky and tedious jobs. Whether you are looking for a comfortable grip, ease of use, neat design or snug fit, polyurethane gloves are available in a wide range of designs, sizes and models, fit for any use.

Polyurethane, abbreviated as PU, is a member of the polymer family of organic chemical compounds. It is one of the carbamate derivatives, and is obtained by combining isocyanate with polyol. The resulting compound, polyurethane, is widely used as a thermosetting polymer, meaning that it does not melt while heated. This quality makes polyurethane a highly valued material for coating, sealing jobs, insulation materials, gaskets, elastomeric wheels, suspension components, hoses or even skateboards and skis.

These qualities make polyurethane the ideal coating material for tools and equipment. Plumbers, electricians, construction workers or mechanics often work in difficult and high risk environments where protection is vital. Often, there is an obvious risk of having electrical short-circuits, acidic fluids, hazardous chemicals, dangerous materials and oils, which require protection, especially for the hands. Therefore, protective polyurethane gloves are especially designed to offer the best comfort, while ensuring maximum safety in various settings.

The clever design of the protective gloves features polyurethane coating on the palms as well as fingers. Special rubber coating is also available for the rest of the glove, or, depending on the design, high quality textile cover for the fingers. A nylon shell is included on the interior for added comfort and safety in humid conditions or acidic fluid environments. The finger dexterity is ensured by the thin polyurethane coating. Full finger movement and grip is thus allowed, resulting in easy grip of even the smallest or delicate tools. Also, thanks to the thin coating, working in tight and crammed spaces is easy and safe. The flexibility and form fitting is outstanding, providing excellent movement capabilities, and reducing the risk of fatigue related to tool handling. Full and sure grip is guaranteed even in the oily or wet conditions, for example when working on heavy machinery or other mechanical equipment.

Polyurethane coated gloves are machine knitted with seamless polyester bindings. Superior abrasion and grip is provided by special textured polyurethane on the inside of the palm. The gloves are usually available in black or dark colors, making them perfect for working in dirty or unsanitary conditions. Also, polyurethane coated gloves are easy to clean and maintain, thus extending their life span. Simply wash any debris or oils with water based cleaning solutions or soap and your gloves will be in perfect condition.

Polyurethane coated gloves are some of the most useful clothing accessories in every workshop. Whether you are a full time professional or an amateur, they are great for ensuring ultimate safety at the workplace. Avoiding accidents or contact with hazardous chemicals is essential and proper care is advised. Available in different designs, sizes and grips, polyurethane gloves are perfect companions for any dirty job.