PVC Coated Gloves

PVC Coated Gloves are one of the most economical type of chemical resistant gloves. They are capable of protecting the hands from the harmful effects of chemical solvents, acid solutions, petrochemical products, and other harmful substances. They are usually lined to absorb the perspiration of the hands. This feature is very important if the user will be wearing the gloves for extended periods of time.

Like other gloves, PVC gloves come in a variety of sizes with medium and large being the most popular. Since an increasing number of women are now working in industry, some companies are producing special sizes to fit a woman’s hand better.

Many PVC gloves are made in gauntlet style where there is an extended cuff that covers the wrist and part of the forearm. This is a nice feature if you need extra protection as chemicals often end up splashing into this area, not just the hands.

These types of gloves are very versatile in their usage. PVC Coated Gloves serve many industrial purposes. They are used extensively in the construction industry, oil refineries, oil exploration, and oil drilling. They are also used extensively in the mining industry, and in chemical manufacturing. However, they are just as suitable for home use. When it comes to do it yourself home repairs and improvements, PVC gloves are the perfect solution. They are great for just about any chore around the house when you need to make sure to protect our hands. They are also used by commercial fishermen and sports fishermen. Janitorial and maintenance staff can also benefit from using these type of gloves.

If the working conditions are cold, some PVC coated gloves come lined with foamed. The foam insulates the hands very nicely and allows for workers to be more productive since they do not lose sensation in their hands. Foam lined gloves also provide more comfort when working on a hobby or home project.

One of the most important considerations when shopping for PVC coated gloves is how dexterous they allow the user to be. If the user can’t move his hands freely, the gloves will become essentially useless. It is important to be able to move as quickly as the user can normally move. The user should be able to move each finger, including the opposable thumb, as freely as if he wasn’t wearing gloves. He should also be able to easily wrap his whole hand around an object. This is an important safety issue, especially if the user is working in an industrial job where good dexterity is essential to avoiding hazards.

Another important consideration when shopping for PVC coated gloves is the grip. Some PVC gloves have a smooth finish while others are designed to have a rougher finish to increase grip strength. In fact, some PVC gloves come with an outer finish that is very much like sandpaper. This allows a super tight grip.

All and all, PVC Coated Gloves are handy to have available for almost any industrial or home use. They are also relatively inexpensive so they won’t bust the bank.