PVC Dotted Gloves

PVC dotted gloves have been around a while now and have been used by chemists for a long time. They are a very versatile type of glove that can be good for any type of work or play. They also last twice as long as regular types of gloves, due to the double sided PVC dots on the gloves.

This type of glove was meant to work in all kinds of work environments. It is the best type of glove to use if you are a chemist. You might want to wear another type of glove underneath it though if you are dealing with extreme chemicals. The reason for that, is because of the cotton nature of this type of glove. Most of them are made from pure cotton and have just as much liquid leakage as regular cotton gloves. The PVC dots keep this more minimal than full cotton gloves, but they are still very intolerant of liquids. The reason why these gloves work so well for chemists is because of their gripping nature. Chemists need to have a full grip on their bottles and experiments. Most of these experiments deal with glass bottles and vials. If you have any other type of glove, it will slip from your hand.

Master of All Trades
The PVC dotted glove is here to stay for a variety of reasons. The main reason is because of how it performs it’s job in many different lines of work. Construction workers find these gloves to be very beneficial to them in a variety of ways that a chemist would. They are easy to find and are disposable. When you have a lot of construction workers, this is a great thing. It allows them to grip their tools and screws much better than any other type of glove would.

The PVC dots are the reason for the success of this type of glove. They provide the extreme grip that I mentioned earlier and can last for quite a while. If you are into something like gardening, you will soon find out that your other gloves might have big holes in them, due to thorny branches or weeds that just will not come up out of the ground. You need something like a PVC dot to protect you from those harmful bristles that are on a lot of different weeds and plants. If you find that you garden a lot and the PVC dots are worn on one side of the glove, just turn the glove around and put it on the other hand. You can do this either way, with either hand. It’s like having a reversible jacket. If you get a stain on that jacket, you can just turn it inside out, and wear the other side. With these gloves, you just switch hands and you have a brand new pair almost.

In conclusion, the invention of PVC dotted gloves have helped a lot of people succeed with their companies. They are so vastly used by many different professions in the world. Make sure you switch the gloves and turn them around if they get a little worn on one side.