Silicone Gloves

Silicone gloves are a great invention. They are used to protect your hands when grilling, cooking, or doing anything else near extreme heat. This includes handling hot food, touching hot surfaces, working near fire, or working near steam.

When grilling, you won’t have to use grilling utensils like tongs if you are wearing your silicone gloves. You can simply turn the steaks, rearrange the grilled vegetables, or take piping hot items off the grill using only your gloves. You can turn and apply more marinade on shish kabobs without using pot rags or utensils. The silicone material will completely protect your hands from burns. This simplifies the grilling experience and makes it a funner experience.

When cooking a turkey, instead of trying to use string or big forks to turn or rotate the bird, you can just slip on your silicone gloves and pick it up by hand. Large turkeys are much easier to handle this way. Handing roasts and whole chickens can also be simplified by wearing these gloves. You can also take hot pans out of the over without a pot holder since most of these gloves will protect your hands in temperatures up to 500 to 600 degrees. No more burns from the hot oven! Silicone also has a nice grip so pans, even oily ones, will not slip.

Silicon gloves work really well when dealing with boiled foods as well. When you try to use regular pot holders, invariably some of the boiling hot water spills out and the pot holders gets quickly soaked with this hot water. This, of course, instantly burns the skin. When pouring the water off pasta, steam often ends up burning your sensitive wrist and forearm area when using regular pot holders. If you wear gloves made of silicone instead, your hands and lower forearm will be protected even if boiling water spills out or hot steam hits this spot. If you are boiling vegetables like potatoes, corn, or artichokes, you can simple stick your hand in and remove the the super hot vegetables without scolding your hand and forearm.

Using silicone gloves can make canning much easier. Handling those hot jars over the boiling water and steam is much easier if you are wearing these gloves. You’ll have no need to use giant forceps where the jars can easily slip out and break. Instead, you can easily pick up the jars using these protective gloves.

If you like cooking with iron skillets where the handle gets very hot, you’ll love using your silicon gloves. Whether cooking a stove top casserole or removing corn bread cooked in an iron skillet, gloves made out of silicone material make the job much easier.

Silicone gloves also make certain household chores easier and safer. For example, if you are unloading a dishwater before it cools down completely, rearranging the logs on a fire, fixing a hot water tank, steam cleaning a carpet, or using an electric mop where the steam can get extremely hot, these gloves can facilitate these chores.

To clean silicone gloves, you can simply wash them off in hot water and soap or throw them in the dishwater. All and all, these are very handy gloves to have around the house!