String Knit Gloves

Whether you are a delivery driver, work in a warehouse or some other kind of job that requires you to handle many different types of boxes and/or products, string knit gloves may be just what you need. These types of gloves will not overheat your hands like other insulated gloves and they are usually covered with a two-sided gripping product to make handeling of boxes and other items much easier. The best part of using string knit gloves is that they are not very expensive and are easily found. Another great benefit of using string knit gloves is that they have been proven to alleviate hand fatigue.

If you need a glove that isn’t going to break the bank and that you can count on to help keep your hands safe and cool, then these are going to be perfect for you!

These gloves can be found in a couple of different version; both full hand and fingerless. String knit styled gloves are perfect for workers but are also worn by every-day glove consumers as well. They are great for people that work in the delivery sector but are also useful for plenty of other workers as well, including:

  • Service Members
  • Florists
  • Home Gardeners
  • Farmers
  • Glass Workers
  • Mechanics
  • Factory Workers
  • Anyone that needs an extra grip!

Gloves that are string knit are lightweight and really help to keep hands free of sweat. They are also generally covered with a type of PVC coating for an extra grip that may be needed. This coating can be found on either on or both sides of the gloves and also helps to protects hands from any kind of abrasive materials or substances that could cause an injury.

String knit gloves can be used as the lining of another style of glove or as the “shell”. The fact that these gloves offer great protection and comfort also enable the user to wear them alone. They are very reliable and easy to handle. A string knit glove can be found to fit men and women and are offered in several different sizes.

A glove that is made of string knit is not only functional and practical but is also affordable. Since these gloves can get a little banged up, depending on the enviornment they are used in, it may be necessary to replace them often. Made of a strong polyester and cotton blend, this style of glove will help to grip where needed but will not overheat the hand. They can be found in many fashionable colors so it is possible to find something in just the perfect size and color to the specifications of a job or hobby.

The materials that make up a string knit glove are specially formulated to provide superior protection when handling or working with glass products as well. They are great for those that install glass and also for individuals that may work in other fields that deal with glass, such as manufacturing and/or designing glass products.