White Waiter’s Gloves

White waiter’s gloves are generally used in restaurants, hotels, hospitals and in most places that serve food. These gloves are light weight, affordable, soft and comfortable and offer a professional look to the waiters and waitresses.

As a waiter, it’s of the greatest importance to wear some kind of hand protection while serving people. This not only provides protection that is needed for the hands, but also gives the clean and elegant look that is necessary to show the high quality service rendered to the customers. Also, when it comes to customer service in the food industry – the professionalism, overall appearance and services does matter. This implies that, best quality waiter’s gloves, as a part of the general attire, can most certainly make a huge difference. Moreover, gloves provide that additional touch when it comes to letting the guests know that their patronage is appreciated.

The formal gloves are perfect for serving and banqueting during special occasions. These formal white waiter’s gloves are manufactured using 86% cotton and 14% PVC (Polyvinyl chloride). These gloves are usually palm dotted to provide additional ability to grip the cutleries efficiently. The other varieties of food service gloves are latex-free food gloves, vinyl food gloves, nitrile food gloves, synthetic food gloves, latex food handling gloves, disposable food gloves, plastic gloves, kitchen gloves etc. Having the suitable hand and finger protection while, serving food as well as in the kitchen is vital for every successful operation. Many health departments, suggests using vinyl or latex gloves while preparing or serving food. Moreover, the FDA Food Code does not allow the waiters to be bare handed when serving.

Waiters and waitresses wear pure white gloves to ensure, cleanliness, hygiene and strengthen the bearing of high standards. Apart from that, some gloves are heat resistant hence; they can facilitate handling of hot utensils, serving trays, and other similar food serving equipment. Other than that, even the bar tenders wear them to prevent the warmth from their hands to alter the quality and taste of the liquor. Gloves are also worn to prevent fingerprints on silverware, plates and fine china. However, the main objective remains the same that is, to protect the waiter’s hands and to keep the cutleries safe. Moreover, wearing clean white gloves offer the impression of taking additional care of the guests.

The ideal white waiter’s gloves should be soft and comfortable to wear. They should slide on and off the hands effortlessly without sticking or tearing. There are several imitation gloves in the market that fail to provide the desired level of protection and style. They might appear nice but after using it for a few times and repeated washing, they become discolored, wrinkled and eventually un-usable. Therefore, choosing the ideal waiter gloves should be like selecting any other part of the uniform. One should go for high quality gloves that are durable, manufactured using the best materials, and are able to endure the everyday workload, to come back fresh and clean to serve their purpose, the following day.

Overall, there are a wide variety white waiter’s gloves available in different styles for waiters, hotel staffs as well as catering and banquet employees. They also come in various sizes to make sure that it fits every hand perfectly. Waiter’s gloves, undoubtedly, offers sophistication and elegance at an affordable price.