Winter Work Gloves

There are very many types of winter work gloves. This is because winter makes it is impossible to work bear hands. You need winter gloves to doing almost everything you do with your bare hands during other seasons i.e. driving, garage work, digging e.t.c. The various types of winter work gloves available are designed to do specific work. The gloves however share a similar purpose which is to protect the hands from extreme cold without compromising comfort and functionality. The most common winter work gloves are those used by workers in hands on jobs i.e. mechanics, drivers, gardeners e.t.c. Below are the most common types of winter work gloves.

1. Winter mechanic gloves
As the name suggests, these winter work gloves are specifically designed for mechanics during winter. The gloves are very versatile allowing mechanics to do just about anything with them. They are lightweight, comfortable and stylish. Mechanics have a tricky job during winter. The gloves help them to discharge their duties effectively i.e. handle oily car parts, grasp tools firmly e.t.c. The best winter mechanic gloves don’t compromise safety or hinder functionality.

2. Winter driving gloves
Driving is a very critical task that has to be performed throughout the year. Winter driving gloves are among the most common winter work gloves in the market. People want gloves that are safe for driving i.e. gloves that have offer a good sense of touch and a snug fit. It is important to note that most gloves out there in the market aren’t safe for driving. Winter driving gloves are specifically made for driving in winter. They are comfortable and dependable. The best winter driving gloves are 100% water resistant. Although this gloves are suitable for every car owner, they are mostly used by professional drives during winter i.e. forklift drivers, truck drivers, rally drivers e.t.c.

3. Winter lineman gloves
As the name suggests, these winter gloves are specifically designed for linemen (professionals who lay and maintain railroad tracks and/or repair and maintain telephone and electricity power lines. Such workers need winter work gloves specifically designed for their work which is mostly outdoors. A lineman needs a special type of winter work glove to be able to grasp and work on power/electricity lines safely during winter. The best winter lineman gloves in the market are 100% water resistant featuring other qualities such as a double leather layer for reinforcing critical wear areas i.e. palms, extra seam strength for heavy duty lifting functions and high quality lining for the best warmth thickness ratio.

4. Coated winter gloves
These winter gloves as the name suggests are coated with a waterproof material to protect the hands against wet conditions. Coated winter gloves can be used by a variety of workers i.e. gardeners, landscapers e.t.c. to protect their hands from moisture which can hinder functionality. Most coated winter work gloves in the market are made of nitrile material which offers the best flexibility. Outdoor workers need gloves that won’t prevent them from doing their work during winter. They are also crack resistant because of the friction involved in manual outdoor winter work. The best coated winter gloves offer workers excellent grip, flexibility and protection against cold.

It is imortant to note that there are many other types winter work gloves. The above gloves are however the most common. They are also adequate for doing a variety of winter work.